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Welcome to Throwback Thursday at DoLally Crafts.

This week I am making a much needed large die set storage box.  I’ve made smaller/narrower ones before for the slimmer die-set packets, before I started storing them all with the stamp sets – however, the wider die-set packs seldom fit into the stamp sets unless you buy a narrow stamp case and keep them together on the shelf.  So, here is my solution.

Materials & Measurements

Cardstock of Choice – 12 x 9″ (x2) (I used Tranquil Tide)

12″ length score @ 6″ & 7″
9″ length score @ 1″ & 8″

Cardstock of Choice – 9 x 3″ (x 2 glued together to form thick base)
DSP of Choice – 6 x 5″ (x 2) (I used Tranquil Textures DSP)
Whisper White Printed PDF cut to: 4 x 3″ (x 2)
Ribbon of Choice – 20″
PDF Label Template  (will open in new window)

YouTube Video Tutorial

Still Photo Gallery

Thanks for joining me again today!  Hope you give this project a go – I found it great for this new size of die sets – I hope you use the PDF for the front to keep track of which sets you have inside the sleeves.

Please consider making a purchase in my online store, every purchase helps me bring new videos’ to you.

Until Sunday, I’ll bid you adieu!
Karen 🙂

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