Update on Life in General

Hi everyone!

I’m just popping on to give a quick update, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks today since my last video went live, time has passed so quickly.  I thought I should come on and let you know why I haven’t been around.

We lost our beautiful girl (dog) Kaia to cancer a couple of days after my last video.  We knew she was ill, we just didn’t realise how bad things were until the vet explained there wasn’t just a single cancer, but multiple breast cancers.  She went peacefully at the vets with my daughter and I beside her, telling her how much we loved her and giving her ear rubs.

That was a very hard time for us.  We had lost three dogs in the space of 18 months and a cat as well, so the whole family were feeling very down.

I then became ill with an inner ear infection less than a week later, and was knocked off my feet on pain killers and antibiotics while I waited for the infection – which was right next to my ear drum, to settle down.

We’re now just a week or so away from our daughters wedding, so I have been madly printing and assembling menu’s, drinks lists, orders of service and memorial frames for the wedding, which has left me little time for anything else – my brain is almost all wedding’d out. LOL

I can’t see me publishing any tutorials for the next two weeks. I hope to record the first of the new video’s on the Sunday following the wedding as I have a couple of samples ready to go.

Until then, please stay with me!
Karen 🙂


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