Birthday Donuts – CASE it with KC – 1

BirthdayDonutsCASE-DoLallyCraftsSince the new catalogue is due out in just over a month, I decided to go through the current catalogue and pick out some of the card layouts that appealed to me through the year and CASE them.


There are two variations on this:

Copy-And-Share-Everything or,

Basically you see a card, or a scrapbook page, design you really like and make it your own – but ALWAYS give acknowledgement to the original design.

Eventually I’d like to make this into a video series, but until I find a camera that gives good results, showing them off here will have to do. LOL

But for now, here’s the first in my CASE with KC series –

Five cards with different sentiments –
and the last three images are of the box to hold them in.


BirthdayDonuts-Thanks-Small-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Thanks-Side-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Thanks-Large-DolallyCrafts
Thanks for being You

BirthdayDonuts-Special-Side-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Special-Large-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Special-SMall-DolallyCrafts
On Your Special Day

BirthdayDonuts-SoMuch-Small-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-SoMuch-Large-DolallyCrafts
Thanks So Much

   BirthdayDonuts-Birthday-Small-DolallyCrafts BirthdayDonuts-Birthday-Side-DolallyCrafts BirthdayDonuts-Birthday-Large-DolallyCrafts
They Say It’s Your Birthday

BirthdayDonuts-Baby-Side-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Baby-Large-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Baby-Small-DolallyCrafts
Hello To Baby

BirthdayDonuts-Change-Small-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Change-Side-DolallyCrafts   BirthdayDonuts-Change-Large-DolallyCrafts
The Box that holds the cards

They are all the same design, but no one could say they all look alike, could they?  As I said before, I love the design, it is very easy to copy. And rotating it (as in the male birthday card) gives it a whole new perspective.

Hope you enjoyed today’s entry.

Karen 🙂


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