A Family Celebration!

Jess-Alex Memory BookFollowing on from the engagement card, what celebration is complete without a Memory Book for your guests to sign?
I couldn’t have Jess & Alex be without one, as I try and complete one for all family celebrations, and this is the result.  I just wish I had paid more attention to the colours of the Invitation we were sent, so I could have made it in green. :\  Ah, well, I still think it turned out nicely – if in the wrong colours. LOL

The charms that hung off the ribbon where to signify:

Heart – neverending love
Elephant – neverending wealth
Cross – faith in each other

The wide white satin ribbon was tucked into the  cover of the book, and under the lining inside the cover, with the blue satin ribbon sitting snuggly around the whole front cover.  3mm white satin ribbon was used to attach the charms.

The initials were printed from the computer using the Annabelle font that matched the card.


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