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Don’t you love it when some birthdays clump together?  I do, it means I can knock over a heap of birthday cards in one go, and know I am not behind.

Today has been such a day, with two nieces and a nephew all having birthdays in the space of ten days.

I was on such a roll today I ended up making cards for those three as well as another nephew, and my sis-in-laws Mother, who is going through some rough times at the moment.

So, while I have the house to myself, and no one around to interrupt, I have had a ball crafting today, taking inspiration from some cards on Pinterest, and also some just from my head.

I also discovered a card I made aaaaaages ago, that I didn’t photograph and upload, so that’s included  here as well.  Hope you enjoy!

Karen 🙂

dolallycrafts-hb-bailey dolallycrafts-hb-emma


dolallycrafts-marg-gws     dolallycrafts-sympathy   dolallycrafts-hb-john

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