Retirement Card

dolally-retirementOne of the guys who works in our local supermarket told me a few weeks ago that he only had 20 something days left until he retired from the workforce. He was only a part timer at the supermarket, working there after he retired from the navy, just for a top up to his pension.  But the time had finally come for him to take life easy – and finally relax.

Well those 20 something days flew by, and he told me last week he was down to his last three shifts.  His last one is actually tomorrow, so – since he is such a nice bloke and always helpful, friendly and always ready with a joke, I thought it’d be nice to say goodbye with a card for him.  Which I plan on dropping off in the morning.

Most of my cards are simple, easy to put together – and really – not rocket science, so here’s the card I put together for him.  Hope you (and HE) like…

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