Almost the end of 2014

Christmas GiveawayI haven’t been on my blog in F O R E V E R or so it seems.  Back in October was my last post, but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy – probably too busy if the truth be known.

I have been busy with personal /stuff/ but also making invitations for a friends wedding, invitations for an engagement, and samples for another wedding that will be in late 2015.  Also there were many Christmas cards I was creating, but never actually sent. *sad face*

Life frequently gets in the way, and it has this year.

I am currently spending some time with my eldest daughter, helping her set up her blog and FB page, down I Gippsland, so I am not even able to take photo’s of all the latest creations *really sad face*.  But I will when I get home to Mornington again this week.

I will also have some new and exciting additions to both my blog and in real life over the coming weeks, so PLEASE stay tuned!!!

Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

For those interested in seeing my daughter Melanie’s blog:

Well, until next time,
Karen xo





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