Maternity Leave Farewell Gifts

My daughters teacher is leaving school on maternity leave with her first child, and Cailee wanted to give her something to thank her for her guidance in the first half of the year, this is what we came up with.

Thanks to Sam from Pootles for the tutorials for the following gifts:

Candle Presentation Box

dolally-candleboxA scented candle for the mum-to-be to relax with, this one was Serenity – an appropriate scent for a mum. ;o)

With front and top views.


Milk Carton Sock Holder

A gift for the baby fitted beautifully into this cute little milk carton – baby booties in neutral colours.



Notebook with Envelopes and Pen

outside-notebookinspired by Brandys Cards.


For all those little lists and notes you need to make – presented in a lovely notebook.

Farewell Card


inspired by Kay Kalthoff





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