Jumping Right In…!

masculinebirthdayIt’s been a while since I just sat at my craft table and played around with papers, ribbon and ephemera that wasn’t a part of an Invitation order. With invitations, it’s easy… you just let your customer show you what they want, or you play around with a sample so that it is individually crafted just for their special day. As I said, simple. LOL

But sitting down and looking at patterns and papers, ribbons and brads, and punches and stamps – can be intimidating, even to a seasoned crafter – especially when you have a creative block. *shudders*

I’ve been on auto-pilot for so long that dipping that first toe in the water again, well it was a big step – but Stampin’ Up makes it that little bit easier, especially when everything is colour coded and matches effortlessly. It’s just a case of deciding exactly what you want from the catalogue first!!! LOL

It also helps when you a part of a great TEAM like I am, where we have monthly challenges. So I jumped in with both feet for the April challenge which was a Masculine Inspired Card.





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